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How can I get my tracklists on another computer ?

This tutorial will show you how you can get your own tracklists, done on your computer, running on another computer without having to recreate them. This version of the tutorial is dedicated to the 0.5.0 "Sunburns version" of Blind Shark.

1 - Creating the Tracklist

The first step is, obviously, to create the Tracklist. Do as usual, and save your tracklist. Quit the Tracklist window, and go to the Tracklist List window.

2 - Exporting the Tracklist

Select your Tracklist in the list, and then press the Export button. The software will ask you where to create a file with the .bsp extension (for Blind Shark Package). You can put it anywhere you like, but make sure you get enough available disk space. The required disk space is approximatively the same that the space your music files take.

You will now have to wait for the program to create the package. For the moment, this operation is time consuming, but it will soon be improved. When the creation is over, you get a .bsp file you can take to your friends to play !

3 - Importing the Tracklist

The final step is to import the tracklist to another computer with Blind Shark installed. Launch the Tracklist Manager, and go to the Tracklist List window. Press the Import button. A new window will ask you to choose a directory where the software will copy the music files. You can choose whatever directory you want, but I advise you to choose a fast drive (i.e. preferably not an external one).

Again, the Import operation is quite time consuming, but it will be improved in the next weeks. When you're done, the Tracklist appears in the list. You can play it, it will perfectly work !


  • Do not change the music files or the directory where they've been copied before the Tracklist has been played !
  • This function can also be used to store the played Tracklists, and avoid a too huge list of Tracklists.
  • The format used for the Blind Shark packages has been created for Blind Shark. Do not try to use another software to open them, you will not succeed !

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