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How to create a Player profile for Blind Shark ?

This tutorial will show you how you can create a player profile for Blind Shark. This version of the tutorial is dedicated to the 0.5.0 "Sunburns version" of Blind Shark.

1 - The Avatar

To represent the player, you will need an avatar. Some avatars are available with Blind Shark, but they're only colored Question Marks.

You can use whatever you want for an avatar, as long as it is a picture (player's photo, drawing, symbol, ...). You will undoubtedly need to edit the image within an editor, like Paint.Net.

The picture file has to be of equal width and height, like a square. The size itself is irrelevant as it will be stretched before drawing in the game. I advise you to make pictures between 150x150 and 200x200 pixels.

The formats accepted are .bmp, .jpg, .png and .gif. The transparency works well with the gif format. As the background where avatars will be displayed is black, you can also use black background to imitate transparency.

When your avatar(s) is completed, put it (them) in the avatars directory of the Blind Shark directory.

2 - The Profile

Now, you have to run Blind Shark, and follow the menu Players Management and then Create Player.

There, you can see the list of the available avatars. Choose the one you want.

You now have to enter the Player name, which will be displayed during the game.

Done ? Click Ok, and that's done ! You've just created a new player's profile !

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