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New Location - Nouveau site

From now, Blind Shark has a new website ! I recently began to redevelop Blind Shark, adding new functions, rethinking things, ... I set up a wiki to expose my ideas, and receive comments. Before summer, I hope to release a brand new, and more fun version

Depuis peu, Blind Shark a un nouveau site ! J'ai récemment replongé le nez dans le développement de Blind Shark, ajoutant de nouvelles fonctions, repensant certains éléments... J'ai mis en place un wiki pour exposer mes idées et recevoir vos commentaires. Avant l'été, j'espère proposer une nouvelle version plus fun à jouer.


The original location (in french)
Wiki en Français


Vote for/Check out the future improvements, ideas, features of Blind Shark


Blind Shark is a multiplayer computer game, dedicated to animate parties. The purpose of the game is to find the answer related to a sound. The faster to react can answer, and take the points.

Due to the abstraction of the game, multiple games can be played :
  • Who sings this ? where the interpret of a song has to be found
  • What's this song ? where the name of a song has to be found
  • What's this ? where the origin of a sound has to be found (animal, cars, common items, ...)
  • Who tells this ? where a known personality has to be found
  • and much more ...

The Game

The gameplay is pretty simple, and uses only the keyboard and the mouse (to navigate during the configuration). Each player (from 1 to 4) is associated with a key, that she has to press when she thinks she has the answer.

Each game can be easily configured with different settings, reflecting the choices of the players. The settings include :
  • The time to answer
  • The points gained for a good answer
  • The points lost for a bad answer
  • The time the sound is played
  • ...

List of sounds

Blind Shark doesn't provide any sounds. It's up to you to create lists to confront your friends. Think of themed lists, such as the "Top of 80's", "Feral Creatures", "Series Celebrities" and other. The Tracklist Manager provided make the creation of lists easier. Any thoughts on how imrpove it are welcomed !

Because anyone is not forced to know the exact spelling of each name, Blind Shark integrates a misspell detection system, which compares the number of differences between the exact answer, and the proposition. There's also the possibility to get multiple answers for one sound (i.e. : The Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones, The Stones).

To Come

Blind Shark is still in development, and new functionalities and improvements are still to be developed. The Tracklist Manager is the next part of the development.

This wiki will also be improved with pictures, more informative pages, and the french version will be updated (because I'm french, and the development is made by french people --> me).

If you want to join and help me building Blind Shark, feel free to post in the Discussions part !

Technical things

Blind Shark uses the following technologies / programs :
  • Developed in C# 2.0, using the SharpDevelop IDE
  • Graphics and Input are managed by the SdlDotNet library
  • Audio is managed by the FMod library
  • Compressing is managed by the LZMA library
  • Installer is created with DreamShield

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